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July Camp NaNoWriMo 2020

Hi there!

It’s camp NaNoWriMo time and I’m excited to be announcing my project for this year. If you aren’t familiar with Camp NaNoWriMo I will quickly sum it up by saying that you pick a writing project and a goal and you work hard on it for the month of July.

I’ve participated in Camp NaNoWriMo before and it can be a fun way to hold yourself accountable if you really want to finish a book. This year I’m doing things a little bit differently. I’m working on a big overall project that will be releasing in 2021 and I’m in different stages of the writing process. I have a book that I need to edit, I have a book that I’m drafting, and I’m releasing a book in August(King of The Bronx). So instead of focusing on word count like I usually would my goal is to spend 3,600 minutes this month working on my author business. I like the idea of tracking my time better because I’m not tied down to one project. If I decide to work on edits one day I can. If I want to work on administrative task one day I can and it all counts towards my goal. This will also help me see how much time I’m actually spending on my business. I have a feeling it’s probably over 3,600 minutes a month but we’ll see.

The benefit of keeping track of how much time I spend on my author business is that I can see how much I’m paying myself if that makes sense.

So what project am I working on?

The Russian Mafia! I’m so excited that I’m starting a new series that will begin to release next year and it’s surrounding the Bratva. I have one book that is drafted and I’m slowly drafting book two. I want to make sure I have a good grasp on the entire series before I start releasing anything but I think you all are really going to love these characters. I already have my covers picked out and they are pretty dark and steamy! I will continue to blog and keep you updated on my progress. Happy Writing! 🙂

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It’s Release Day!

Dirty Empire is now live!

Are you ready to read Maverick and Hazel’s epic love story?
Have you ever heard of a dark beach read? Me neither that’s why I wrote one. Dirty Empire takes place in Hawaii, Tahaiti and Mexico all beautiful tropical places with all the grittiness of a dark romance. It’s the perfect escape story. This book has been so much fun to write and I can’t wait for you to read it!

“Lucky for you, I’m not a man to apologize, even if I accidentally took another man’s wife.”

He lets his shoe fall to the floor with a thud before untying the other and dropping that one too. It takes a while for me to process what he’s saying.

“So you’ll drop me off? At the next island?” I ask, hope filling my chest for the first time today.

Maverick shakes his head before standing up and unbuttoning his dress shirt. A slight grin coats his lips. “Oh no, Pumpkin. Miles is going to come after me, and without you, I have no leverage.”

He takes off his shirt and leaves it in the middle of the floor. His washboard abs are on display, each one perfectly sculpted in a way that could only be achieved by hours spent at the gym. “I’m not a knight in shining armor, Pumpkin. I’m a villain.”

I married a monster.

Years ago my husband was the perfect man, until I was faced with his abusive side. I thought my husband would kill me but Maverick saved me. He seemed like my knight in shining armor. However, Maverick comes with his own set of baggage.

How will this tangled web of destruction and lust unravel? Dirty Empire will thrill, anger, push, and prod you to the edges of your imagination!

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Book Release!

Hi all! If you didn’t already hear Admission: A Mafia Romance is live! This book is available on all platforms. This is the second book in Jayce & Sabrina’s duet. If you are new to this mafia series Jayce is the Manhattan capo(Capo=A made member of the crime family who heads a “crew” of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization.). This duet is his origin story and how he became the youngest capo in the mob.

So what’s next? Giovanni(The Underboss) has a duet coming out in October! I’m so excited for you all to read Giovanni’s love story and meet the women who’s able to hold the interest of the most feared man in New York City. In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading Jayce’s story! Also you can receive a free copy of Ruthless Queen(Cassandra’s story) by signing up for my newsletter.

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Mafia Romance Series-Chart

Happy Sunday! A couple weeks ago I started to think about what books I wanted to write next and what books I enjoy writing. If I’m being completely honest I wrote two books this year that I decided not to publish. At least not yet because my heart wasn’t in it. It was also was a little bit outside the roam of what I usually write. If you have read my other books then you know Giovanni’s Book is in the works. I’ve been wanting to write Giovanni’s story for about 9 months or so and I kept pushing it off. So as I’ve been writing Giovanni’s story I came up with my world. My plan right now is to write a book for each Capo in New York. The Capo is in charge of a crew in a certain area of New York. Cassandra is the boss of bosses and her book is already out (Ruthless Queen).

Jayce is the Capo of Manhattan his books are already out (Apprehension and Admission

I am currently working on Giovanni’s book which, fingers crossed, will be out later this year. Below I inserted a chart of the world I have built so you guys can follow along. I can’t wait to get these books out to you guys!

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Goodreads Giveaway

The Goodreads giveaway for Apprehension is live right now on Good reads! I am giving away 100 copies of Apprehension and you will receive it two days before the actual release date of the book! Follow the link to enter.

socks copy.jpg


He didn’t look like the boy she remembered as a child.
He smoked, wore a leather jacket and was always carrying around that black duffle bag.
There was something dangerous about him and part of her wanted to figure out what it was.

He should keep his distance.
She was innocent and he was nothing but trouble.
So why couldn’t he leave her alone?

Sabrina has moved back to the neighborhood she lived in as a child. The kid next door has become the infamous town bad boy. She should stay away from him, he warned her of it, but she can’t seem to get him out of her head.