Savage Spades

Savage Spades by K.D Clark

The last thing Cam needs right now is the town’s motorcycle club taking over her bar.
The failing bar that her father left her to deal with along with a loan from a dangerous man named Venom.
On top of that, she’s trying to get through her classes without failing.
She doesn’t have time for the blue-eyed monster of a man that can’t keep his eyes off her.
But damn he would be a good distraction.

“What do you want? Come out here to spill more Whiskey on me with your gang?” she snapped, losing her patience. “Where did you guys even come from. This isn’t a motorcycle bar ya know. I have regular customers who wouldn’t appreciate your obnoxious friends.”
“They’re my brother and you mean the old pervert and the divorced lady who were in here? Those are your regulars?”

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