Hating the Bratva- Paperback


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Betray might be the cruelest form of punishment.

Especially when one wants to control and the other wants freedom.
Born into the Russian mafia and daughter of a corrupt Senator, I knew I wouldn’t get to choose my husband.
Everyone knows I’m going to marry Alek. He’s next in line to be Pakhan and he needs a wife.
His entire life is wrapped around danger.
The men in the Boston brotherhood are always in danger.
It may not be my choice, but Alek is the best I can ask for.
He’s eleven years older than me, but he’s the only man in the Bratva that I can tolerate.
At least with him, I know what I’m getting into.
So when my father announces I’ll be marrying someone else, the rug is pulled from under both our feet.


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