Reading Order (WIP)

  1. Merciless Queen (3rd person POV)

2. Apprehension (3rd person POV)

3. Twisted Judgement (3rd person POV)

4. King of the Bronx

5. Dirty Empire

6. Escaping the Bratva

7. Hating the Bratva

8. Loving the Bratva

9. Golden Handcuffs

10. Savage Spades (3rd person POV)

11. Zeke: Before Dishonor

12. Penthouse Heist

Published by K.D Clark

K.D Clark started reading romance books way too young. Now she's a professional at writing books about bad men with hearts of gold. When she's not absorbed in her latest book, she can be found eating tacos alongside a strawberry margarita, reading, or talking to her dogs.

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