What I learned from July CampNaNoWriMo

As promised I want to give you an update on how my Camp NaNoWriMo went. This year I tracked my hours instead of my words because I had a project that I was editing, one that I was drafting, and a good amount of administrative work to get done.

What I learned while keeping track of my hours is that I don’t spend as much time during the weekday writing as I thought I did. I was spending an average of 30 minutes on a weekday morning writing/editing and that’s it. Now part of this reason is because of the pandemic going on and my struggle to get into a routine. Once I realized this, I started my five am wake up time again. This helped me tremendously with getting back on track. I also realized I spend more time than I thought I did on the weekends writing.

The second thing I realized is just how much time I need to spend on administrative tasks. I often have this mentality that if I’m not writing or editing, then I’m not working and that is simply not true. I found that I kept having to remind myself that I’m not only a writer but also a publisher which means it’s perfectly okay to spend a lot of time working on the publishing business. Which means most of my time is spent doing the marketing, accounting, and other administrative tasks.

I figured out that I spend a lot of time on social media and listening to podcast about writing and it makes me feel like I’m getting work done…when I’m really not. I often listen to podcast at my day job and it’s been a great way to stay updated about changes in the industry. At the same time it kind of feels like work…even though it’s really not. Spending an hour a week listening to Sell More Books Show is enough to stay updated. Spending hours upon hours listening to other authors’ publishing journey…not so much. By keeping track of my hours, I was able to cut out these podcasts that weren’t really adding anything to my business.

Keeping track of my hours really helped me see where I was spending my time and ways I can improve.

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