July Camp NaNoWriMo 2020

Hi there!

It’s camp NaNoWriMo time and I’m excited to be announcing my project for this year. If you aren’t familiar with Camp NaNoWriMo I will quickly sum it up by saying that you pick a writing project and a goal and you work hard on it for the month of July.

I’ve participated in Camp NaNoWriMo before and it can be a fun way to hold yourself accountable if you really want to finish a book. This year I’m doing things a little bit differently. I’m working on a big overall project that will be releasing in 2021 and I’m in different stages of the writing process. I have a book that I need to edit, I have a book that I’m drafting, and I’m releasing a book in August(King of The Bronx). So instead of focusing on word count like I usually would my goal is to spend 3,600 minutes this month working on my author business. I like the idea of tracking my time better because I’m not tied down to one project. If I decide to work on edits one day I can. If I want to work on administrative task one day I can and it all counts towards my goal. This will also help me see how much time I’m actually spending on my business. I have a feeling it’s probably over 3,600 minutes a month but we’ll see.

The benefit of keeping track of how much time I spend on my author business is that I can see how much I’m paying myself if that makes sense.

So what project am I working on?

The Russian Mafia! I’m so excited that I’m starting a new series that will begin to release next year and it’s surrounding the Bratva. I have one book that is drafted and I’m slowly drafting book two. I want to make sure I have a good grasp on the entire series before I start releasing anything but I think you all are really going to love these characters. I already have my covers picked out and they are pretty dark and steamy! I will continue to blog and keep you updated on my progress. Happy Writing! 🙂

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