How to Write a Romance Novel in 30 days.

Hi author friends! The way the author community has changed over the years is that there is way more competition. With self-publishing it makes it easier for people to get there book out to the world. Which is amazing! But that also means its a lot harder to stand out from the crowd? So what does that mean for new authors who are trying to build a brand? It means we have to publish more frequently. It is very difficult in 2019 to be a well known author if you are only publishing one book a year. So today I wanted to share some tips on how to write a romance novel in 30 days.

  1. Plan out what you are going to write.

I don’t mean that you need to have some elaborate outline written down if that’s not your style. But at least have a starting point of who your characters are and what you think might happen to them. I’m a pantser but I understand that if you want to write fast you have to have some kind of idea of what is going to happen in your book.

2. Find the time

Time is not going to magically appear for you to write your book. You have to decide when and where you are going to get these words done. If you work full time you might have to get up a bit earlier to write in the morning. Or you might be staying up late into the night. Maybe you can write throughout the day. I have spent plenty of my lunch breaks writing on my phone. Whatever works for you just pick a time and stick to it. Pretend its a important doctors appointment that you can’t miss.

3. Plan!

Plan for unexpected days off. Plan how many words you need to write each day. Plan how long you think your novel will be. Plan, plan, plan. This is super important to writing books quickly and getting them out. You don’t have to plan a year in advance but at least know during the month what days you can’t write and when you are going to make those words up later on.

I hope you found these tips helpful for writing a romance novel in 30 days. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more information

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K.D Clark started reading romance books way too young. Now she's a professional at writing books about bad men with hearts of gold. When she's not absorbed in her latest book, she can be found eating tacos alongside a strawberry margarita, reading, or talking to her dogs.

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