Book Release!

Hi all! If you didn’t already hear Admission: A Mafia Romance is live! This book is available on all platforms. This is the second book in Jayce & Sabrina’s duet. If you are new to this mafia series Jayce is the Manhattan capo(Capo=A made member of the crime family who heads a “crew” of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization.). This duet is his origin story and how he became the youngest capo in the mob.

So what’s next? Giovanni(The Underboss) has a duet coming out in October! I’m so excited for you all to read Giovanni’s love story and meet the women who’s able to hold the interest of the most feared man in New York City. In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading Jayce’s story! Also you can receive a free copy of Ruthless Queen(Cassandra’s story) by signing up for my newsletter.

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