Book Release!

Hi all! If you didn’t already hear Admission: A Mafia Romance is live! This book is available on all platforms. This is the second book in Jayce & Sabrina’s duet. If you are new to this mafia series Jayce is the Manhattan capo(Capo=A made member of the crime family who heads a “crew” of soldiersContinue reading “Book Release!”

Side Hustles for Authors

As a author I think it is very important to diversify your income. For any entrepreneur its important to have more than one stream of income. Your main source of income should be your books but there is also other ways you can make money as a author and its important to take advantage ofContinue reading “Side Hustles for Authors”

How much does it cost to self publish a book?

This is a hard question to answer. If you have a tight budget there is ways that you can publish your book for almost no cost. On the other hand you could spend thousands of dollars getting a book published. So lets break this down. There are three main things when it comes to selfContinue reading “How much does it cost to self publish a book?”

Taking a Break From Writing

As authors the pressure can be enormous. There is the constant feeling of having to write faster, market more, network with other authors, etc. So I think it can be really hard to take a break a from it all. Especially when you are self-published and everything falls on you. But taking a break isContinue reading “Taking a Break From Writing”