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Hi all! If you didn’t already hear Admission: A Mafia Romance is live! This book is available on all platforms. This is the second book in Jayce & Sabrina’s duet. If you are new to this mafia series Jayce is the Manhattan capo(Capo=A made member of the crime family who heads a “crew” of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization.). This duet is his origin story and how he became the youngest capo in the mob.

So what’s next? Giovanni(The Underboss) has a duet coming out in October! I’m so excited for you all to read Giovanni’s love story and meet the women who’s able to hold the interest of the most feared man in New York City. In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading Jayce’s story! Also you can receive a free copy of Ruthless Queen(Cassandra’s story) by signing up for my newsletter.

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Side Hustles for Authors

As a author I think it is very important to diversify your income. For any entrepreneur its important to have more than one stream of income. Your main source of income should be your books but there is also other ways you can make money as a author and its important to take advantage of those opportunities. In my opinion there are two real side hustles for author; create resources for authors and create resources for readers.

Resources for authors. So creating resources for authors is doing what I am with this blog. It’s offering tips and advice and maybe even courses to help other authors on their writing journey. You could become a editor or beta reader. This is something I feel very passionate about so for me it was a no-brainer. I genuinely want to help people write their books and market it to readers. The way you create income from this could be through ad revenue on a blog or youtube. If you create courses you can gain income for that. Your goal should really be to create value. And once you have something valuable to give authors the profits will follow.

Resources for readers. So by resources for readers I mean becoming a part of the reader community. Doing things like book reviews, sharing books you are reading. You could create a book review blog where you post reviews and get ad revenue. You could make a youtube channel and get ad revenue from that. If you have a large fan base you can create merchandise for your book. I even know authors who have started book box businesses where readers sign up for a monthly membership and every month they get a box that has bookish items and a new book or two.

In summary find how you want to add value to the community and the money will follow.

How much does it cost to self publish a book?

This is a hard question to answer. If you have a tight budget there is ways that you can publish your book for almost no cost. On the other hand you could spend thousands of dollars getting a book published. So lets break this down.

There are three main things when it comes to self publishing a book that you will/can spend money on. Book cover, editing and marketing. Each of these things can happen at different price points.

Book Covers

Low Budget-$30

If you are somewhat tech savy you can create a cover yourself. I know that a lot of author and people will tell you that’s a horrible idea. But you know what is a even worst idea? Spending $1,000 on a cover for a book you don’t even know is going to sell. All you need to do to create your own cover is buy a stock photo which could be $30 or so and use that to create your cover. You can do this on photoshop, pages, or even directly on Amazon. It’s really up to you but try to make it as professional looking as possible. Look at other covers in your genre and see what they are doing.

Medium Budget-$60-$300

Another option is pre-made covers. I personally really like pre made covers. They are affordable and look very professional.

High Budget-$300 +

Hire a graphic designer. I really like Reedsy for this. You can work with a graphic designer and tell them exactly what you want. They then can give you some options. There are some author who set up photo shoots so they can make sure they have a completely unique cover.


Low budget-Free

Editing is something you do not want to skimp on and if you have any money in your budget you should spend it on editing. But if you don’t there are free ways to get your book edited. One of them is to use Beta Readers. These are people who love reading in your genre and are happy to give feedback on your work. I found my beta readers on Instagram and they are very helpful. Another option is critique partners. You can join a facebook group and swap stories with people who will give you feedback.

Medium budget-Copy editing

At minimum unless you are fantastic at grammar you should get your book copy edited. The price of copy editors vary depending on the length of your book and the editors experience. Check on Reedsy for more information.

High Budget- Developmental and copy editing

For new writers I highly suggest a developmental editor if you can afford it. I know personally it has helped me tremendously in becoming a better writer. Working with a editor is the best writing education I have ever gotten.


I think marketing is pretty self explanatory but the free way to market your book is going to be social media, blog, networking, building a team, giving out free copies, etc. More expensive way to market is paid advertising.

I will warn against spending a bunch of money on your first book. Unless you already have a big platform or a large mailing list there is no guarantee that your book is going to sell anything. Spend a small amount on your first book and you can increase your budget as you sell more copies.

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Taking a Break From Writing

As authors the pressure can be enormous. There is the constant feeling of having to write faster, market more, network with other authors, etc. So I think it can be really hard to take a break a from it all. Especially when you are self-published and everything falls on you. But taking a break is necessary especially if you want to continue to be creative and write good books. I’m a big believer that the best creativity comes from a combination of practice and silence. I find that creativity comes when you are being mindful and your mind is silent. As a busy person this can seem like a impossible tasks which is why its important to take a break from time to time.

When should you take a break?

Everyone is different when it comes to knowing when it may be time to step back. For me I know its time to take a break when I start moving slow. As in the words are coming slow I’m starting to feel tired and overall uninspired. With any career there is drudgery you have to go through. But when it feels like the drudgery has been going on too long it might be time to take a step back. Sometimes you can only push your creativity so much before you burn out. Listen to you body. Some signs that it might be time to take a break could be procrastination, tiredness, unable to focus and lack of motivation. Watch out for these signs and recognize when a break a needed.

How long should I take a break?

That depends on you and how long its been since you’ve taken a break. And I don’t mean a couple days away from your manuscript I mean a real break. Like a week or more. I know personally once I started to feel like I needed a break I tried to think back to when the last time it was I took a break. Embarrassing enough it had been almost a year since I’d taken more than a couple days away from writing. And its not that I’m burning myself out its just that I love writing and I have made it into a habit. When something is a habit its hard to step away from it. I decided to just step away for a week. I feel like for me that is enough time to really get that itch to write again. But maybe you need longer than that. Maybe you just finished a really big project and you need a month to recuperate. That is fine I just suggest having a date that you committee to going back. Sort of like taking a vacation. Schedule your time off.

What about my business/writing?

I know you don’t believe this. I do. But everything can survive without you. I know as a authorpreneur it can feel like if you take time away everything will fall out from the bottom. But it won’t. Especially if you have been working hard on your business/writing for so much time. If you are really concerned automate your social media posts, schedule your blog posts, etc. That way you can feel like you are still moving forward without having to get on your platforms. As for writing I know for me I have this small fear that if I don’t get my characters down on paper they’ll disappear. It’s crazy, I know. So the way I combat this is if there is a scene that is really speaking to me but I am taking a break I will write it down on paper. For some reason the act of physically writing it is much more relaxing than typing it up on a screen. Its kind of cheating but I think it helps me to relax instead of worrying during the entire break.

How do I take a break

This might sound funny but I didn’t really know how to take a break…If you haven’t listened to Shonda Rhimes TED Talk I highly suggest it. I can identify with her when she said “I don’t like playing I work all the time because I like working.” This is so true for people who are passionate about their careers. So I think asking how to take a break is important. One thing I highly suggest is deleting the social media from your phone. Social media is a crucial part of being a author and if you are truly taking a break you need to delete your social media apps. Stop writing…at least not on your computer. When I have the urge to write sometimes I think to myself; I’m not allowed to write right now but I can think about my story all that I want to. And if were being honest when I eventually go back to write. The words that come out are so much better because I’ve had a week to think about them. If your email is a issue for you create a out of office reply that can automatically be send to people. I had to unsubscribe from writing podcasts that I loved because every time I would listen to one I would get anxious about the fact that I wasn’t doing anything, that I wasn’t moving forward, etc. In summary do what you need to do to focus on other area’s of your life.

I hope this posts helps you if you thinking about taking a break from writing. I know it can be tough but it is completely necessary to fill your creative well. When we are caught up in the “book world” it can look like everyone is writing a book but in reality they aren’t. Most people do not write a book and you have already done amazing things.

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