Mafia Romance Series-Chart

Happy Sunday! A couple weeks ago I started to think about what books I wanted to write next and what books I enjoy writing. If I’m being completely honest I wrote two books this year that I decided not to publish. At least not yet because my heart wasn’t in it. It was also was a little bit outside the roam of what I usually write. If you have read my other books then you know Giovanni’s Book is in the works. I’ve been wanting to write Giovanni’s story for about 9 months or so and I kept pushing it off. So as I’ve been writing Giovanni’s story I came up with my world. My plan right now is to write a book for each Capo in New York. The Capo is in charge of a crew in a certain area of New York. Cassandra is the boss of bosses and her book is already out (Ruthless Queen).

Jayce is the Capo of Manhattan his books are already out (Apprehension and Admission

I am currently working on Giovanni’s book which, fingers crossed, will be out later this year. Below I inserted a chart of the world I have built so you guys can follow along. I can’t wait to get these books out to you guys!

Success! You’re on the list.

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