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Hi all! Today I thought it would be a good idea to take you a behind the scene of my writing space. If you have listened to my podcast or read some other blog post than you know I talk about this a lot. Having a dedicated writing space is a great way to train your mind to get into the writing mode. If you write in the same spot everyday than it can become easy to start writing once you sit down. This is also mentions in Chris Fox’s book 5,000 words per hour. If you are trying to increase your writing speed and build good habits I highly recommend this book.

So what does my writing space look like? Well its my kitchen table. I am what some people consider a minimalist and I choose not to buy a desk and decided to just use the furniture that I already have. If I’m being honest I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve ate at the kitchen so I decided to put it to use. If you don’t have a spare bedroom or just don’t want to invest your money on buying a desk just pick a part of your house and make it your own. On my “desk” I have a white board that I fill out each week with my weekly goals. Usually I have on there my word count goal for the week as well as any marketing I need to get done.

You will see in the picture there is a big green ball on the floor next to my “desk” that is my chair. I sit on a yoga ball most of the time to write because it helps with posture and is better than sitting in the chair. It’s also kind of fun.

Behind my “desk” is something new I’ve been working on. One day when I came home for work I had a crazy idea for my series and I immediately bought some poster board and note cards and created a sort of brainstorm map. This world I am building already has two books done in it (Apprehension & Ruthless Queen) and I am currently writing the next part. This is a new part of my process so I will keep you all updated on how it is going.

The poster board next to the one with all the note cards is also something new. When I am done writing at the end of the day I usually write down what I want to happen in the next scene. It usually only a couple words to trigger my memory. What I decided to start doing is writing scene ideas on sticky notes and putting them on this poster board. Once I write the scene I rip the sticky note off and throw it in the trash. Its a good way for me to physically see my progress.

That is pretty much it for my work space. Its nothing fancy and maybe one day I’ll have a extra bedroom that I can convert to a fancy office but for now this is what I’m working with and it works for me.

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