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Can you believe there is only one month until Apprehension is released?! I am so exciting to share this story with you guys so because of that I am posting a preview of Apprehension. Please understand this book is still getting the copy edits finished so I am sure there will be grammatical error. So without further or do enjoy the preview of Apprehension! 

Sabrina’s grandpa had passed away two months before she and her mom moved into the house in Falcon Haven. Falcon Haven was exactly how she remembered it as a child. A middle-class neighborhood on the outskirts of New Jersey. It was a couple hours from where her and her mom had lived for the past 10 years. As she sat at the kitchen table she realized the house still smelled like her grandpa, peppermint and old spice. If she thought about it long enough she swore she could still hear him at the stove making her favorite childhood food, Mac and Cheese. In his Will he’d made it clear that the house was to be left to his one and only child, her mother. They were both still grieving as they packed up their small apartment and moved into the blue house on Clark Ave. Almost all her grandpa’s stuff had been removed from the house, either having been taken by other family members or donated to charity. It made it a little easier to deal with the grief. It was a moderately sized house with two bedrooms, a finished attic and a finished basement. Her grandma and grandpa had put their heart and soul into the house. They’d saved up all the money her grandpa had made working at the factory to buy the house straight out. Years later the paint on the front of the house was starting to chip and the once-thriving garden was filled with weeds. Either way her mother was grateful to have a paid-for house. It was one less thing she had to worry about. Although she and her mom did fine on their own, being a single mother came with its own unique struggles. Sabrina and her mom had lived in the house when she’d been a child while her mom had gone to nursing school. Sabrina would always cherish those memories and the relationship she’d built with her grandpa. Now, she sat at the kitchen table across from her mom as they ate dinner. She felt the butterflies in her stomach as she thought about starting a new school. They had left their old life behind and senior year of high school wasn’t the ideal time to start over.
“I guess I need to find out where the bus is,” Sabrina said to her mom before picking up a noodle of pasta and putting it in her mouth.
“The bus doesn’t pick up from here. We’re too close to the school,” her mom said.
“We aren’t close. The school is miles away,” Sabrina complained. She should have done her research beforehand but it was typical of Sabrina to leave everything for the last minute. In reality she could say her mom should have told her but her mom worked nights and slept when the rest of the world was awake. Night shift payed more and they didn’t have the luxury of giving up extra pay.
“I used to walk the same route when I was a kid. It’s not bad until it gets cold outside. I can drive you when I get home from work in the morning but you’ll be early.”
Sabrina groaned. The likely hood of her waking up any earlier than she had to was slim to none.
After they’d eaten and cleared their plates Sabrina grabbed the full trash bag, tied it up and headed outside to the trash can. It was fall in New Jersey but it wasn’t cold enough that she needed a jacket quite yet. It was quiet outside besides the sounds of leaves ruffling in the wind. She walked the black trash bag to the side of the house.
“Getting settled?”
She jumped at the sound of the male voice behind her and quickly turned around. Leaning against the side of a black Camaro in the neighbor’s driveway stood a guy probably around the same age as her. His feet were crossed out in front of him. He wore a black leather jacket that almost blended into the color of the car. It would make sense why she hadn’t noticed him before.
“You scared the shit out of me.” She said putting a hand over her chest. She could feel her heart fluttering in her chest. The guy rummaged in his jeans pocket before pulling out a pack of cigarettes and putting one to his lips. He lit it and exhaled. She gripped the trash bag tightly in her hand as the smell of smoke filled the air.
“You don’t remember me do you?” he asked, his voice deep and husky. It made goosebumps appear on her arm.
She squinted her eyes in the dark; the only light was coming from the porch on the house next door. She was able to make out the brown hair, sharp jawline, and as he stood to stretch, his shirt lifted slightly to reveal a lean and muscular body. Even in the dark she could tell he was more attractive than the guys at her old school. She shook her head coming up empty. She was sure she’d remember if she had met this guy before.
“Jayce. We used to play together as kids.” He said.
The memories came flooding back to her of a small boy with blond hair that she used to ride her bike with during the summers. She had to do a double take just to be sure.
“You look different,” she blurted out.
He told a long inhale of his cigarette before tossing it on the ground. He pushed himself off the car and walked around to the driver’s side. He smirked. “Yea, so do you. I’ll see ya around.”
He got inside the Camaro and sped off. Sabrina quickly threw the trash in the can and went back inside.

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Published by K.D Clark

K.D Clark started reading romance books way too young. Now she's a professional at writing books about bad men with hearts of gold. When she's not absorbed in her latest book, she can be found eating tacos alongside a strawberry margarita, reading, or talking to her dogs.

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