How I Increased My Writing Speed

Self publishing is all abut trying to publish the best books you can as fast as possible. This can be difficult if you work a full time job and if that is the case check out my post on Writing with A full time job

Now that NaNoWriMo is over and a lot of people are in the editing phase of their book. I thought it would be a good idea to mention ways that I have increased my writing speed. Because there will be always be another book to write. For most of us it doesn’t just end when NaNoWriMo is over.

Write everyday

Now let me say with each of these tips it is not going to work for everyone. You might have a work schedule that won’t allow you to write each day which is fine. I just want to share what has worked best for me and has allowed me to write a new book every one to two month. I write everyday. Writing everyday helps me to stay consistent and feel like I’m making progress. In reality when it comes to writing there will be days when the words are just flowing out of you and then there are days where it just feel like you are banging your head against the wall. Both days it’s important to write. Make some progress each day and then when you go back to look at your word count you will be amazed at the amount of work you were able to accomplish even on the days you were banging your head against the wall.

Word sprints

This has been probably the number one thing that has made me write faster. A word sprint is where you set a timer for a certain amount of time, I usually do 20 minutes. And during that time you completely focus on your writing. You don’t get up to go to the bathroom. You don’t change the music your listening to, you just write. The secret to this is that when you know you are being timed you tend to move faster and you know there is an end. After 20 minutes or however long you set your timer for, take a quick break. Get up and stretch, use the bathroom, make yourself a snack and then get right back to it. I usually aim for doing three writing sprints, a total of a hour of writing and I’m able to get a good amount of words written. The key here is to turn off your inner editor and focus on actually writing.


Now I am a pantser so I can completly understand the small freak out that some of you might have when seeing the world structure. If you are a plotter this is 2nd nature to you. For the pantsers I don’t mean plan your whole novel out or even think to far ahead. What I do is everyday when I am done writing I make one to two bullet points that say what I want to happen next. It can be as simple as “-Sabrina goes to the store.” This way when I sit down for my next writing session I don’t have to re read what I wrote the day before and I have a starting point for my writing.

These are three of the ways I have increased my writing speed. Don’t be afraid to write because then you never will. Don’t forget for updates on book release and blog post make sure to follow my newsletter .

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