Writing with A full time job

I feel like this is always a hot topic with authors in today’s world especially self-published authors. Writing a book takes a lot of time and dedication. Then once the book is written  you have to spend time marketing it if you want anyone to actually read it. Writing and publishing books can be a full time job so how do you fit that in when you already have a full time job. Many of us need to work a full time job that pays the rent while we work on our true dreams.

Make Time

The first thing you have to do is make time. You have to create the time to work on writing your book. For me that means waking up early and getting 30 minutes of writing done before I get ready for work. 30 minutes of writing is not a lot but when I do this everyday it starts to really add up. Some people may prefer staying up later at night or writing on your lunch break. Whatever time works best for you, you have to schedule it and focus completely on writing.

Make Writing a Priority

Make writing a priority. This goes hand in hand with finding time, if writing a book is really what you want to do, you have to be willing to sacrifice other things in your life. You might not be able to go out every weekend with your friends because your working on your book or you might have to sacrifice some sleep in order to finishing editing. Whatever it is, be ready to make writing a priority in your life and temporarily push other things to the side.

Make It a Habit

Write every day or close to everyday. You have to consistent. It took me a year to write and edit my first novel and it was because I wasn’t consistent. I would put my book on the back burner for weeks at a time. Only when I started waking up early and working on my book everyday did I really see progress. I think this is the most difficult for new writers because you have to make it a habit. Some days are going to be easier then others. I have days where squeezing out just 300 words is difficult and other days where 1,000 words flow out with no problem. No matter what kind of day i’m having I committee myself to sitting in the chair for at least 30 minutes a day and writing.

Sit In The Chair

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

-Stephen King

Sit in the chair. When I first started writing I thought everything had to be perfect. I wanted the house to be clean, I needed a clear working space with a cup of coffee and everything to be this picture perfect writing set up. Unfortunately, if you wait for everything to be perfect you will never sit in the chair and write. Sometimes you’re going to have to sit at a messy desk and sometimes you won’t have a Starbucks caramel latte next to you and there will be a pile of laundry sitting on the floor and that’s fine. The goals is to get words on the paper. Once you are finished writing then you can clean the house, do the laundry and grab yourself some Starbucks. Just don’t let those things become a excuse to not write.

I hope these tips help you juggle working a full time job and writing books please comment below and let me know how you manage work and writing. Don’t forget Ruthless Queen is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Ruthless Queen

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