How To Get Inspired To Write?

This blog post is based off of a question I received on Goodreads that I have been thinking about for a few weeks now because I wasn’t sure how to answer it. I think there are obvious answers to this question. Some people read other authors work for inspiration, some listen to music, or watch movies. When I thought about myself and how I find inspiration I realized that I don’t. I don’t go out of my way looking for inspiration to write. Of course I read, I read a lot, mostly romance, and yes every once in awhile when I’m reading I think to myself “I’m going to write a book as great as this one.” But usually I keep reading and then when I wake up in the morning my inspiration is gone. So I don’t believe I ‘get inspired to write’ but I just simply write. I think writing in and of itself inspires me. Seeing my characters develop with each and every word and seeing my story move forward is my inspiration. The thing about being inspired and motivated is that it doesn’t last. That is why I force myself to write nearly everyday. Even if its a really bad day and I can only get out 300 words at least I made progress. I write because I am passionate about writing and it’s what I want to make a career out of so although I don’t seek out inspiration like other creatives might I find my inspiration through working on my projects.


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