How To Get Inspired To Write?

This blog post is based off of a question I received on Goodreads that I have been thinking about for a few weeks now because I wasn’t sure how to answer it. I think there are obvious answers to this question. Some people read other authors work for inspiration, some listen to music, or watch movies. When I thought about myself and how I find inspiration I realized that I don’t. I don’t go out of my way looking for inspiration to write. Of course I read, I read a lot, mostly romance, and yes every once in awhile when I’m reading I think to myself “I’m going to write a book as great as this one.” But usually I keep reading and then when I wake up in the morning my inspiration is gone. So I don’t believe I ‘get inspired to write’ but I just simply write. I think writing in and of itself inspires me. Seeing my characters develop with each and every word and seeing my story move forward is my inspiration. The thing about being inspired and motivated is that it doesn’t last. That is why I force myself to write nearly everyday. Even if its a really bad day and I can only get out 300 words at least I made progress. I write because I am passionate about writing and it’s what I want to make a career out of so although I don’t seek out inspiration like other creatives might I find my inspiration through working on my projects.


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Weekend Writing Routine

If you are like me and most self-published authors. You probably have a full time job and know how valuable time is on the weekends to get as many words on paper as humanly possible. In order to write as much as possible on the weekends I have a writing routine I do every morning on Saturdays and Sundays to help me be productive.

Wake up early

I normally wake up early for work so I just allow my body to wake up naturally on the weekends which is around 6:30am or so. If it was a weekday I would head straight to my kitchen table and start writing so I could get a good amount of words down before having to get ready for work at 7am, but on the weekend I take a extra step.


I find that working out in the morning before sitting down to write helps me to feel more accomplished and gives me a boost of energy. I live right next to a high school so I will lace up my shoes and walk 3 or 4 laps on the track to get my blood flowing.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

After I’ve worked out, taken a shower, and maybe ate a couple pieces of toast I start on my coffee. I think most writers would agree that coffee is a essential for early morning writing and the more the merrier.

Sit at the table or desk or couch………

The final thing I have to do on the weekend to crank out as many words as possible is sit at the table and write. There are so many things I could be doing on a productive Saturday morning but I force myself to put those things to the back of my mind and not get up from the table until I at least crank out 500 words. On a really bad writing day I make my morning goal 500 words and then go back later in the evening and add more to it.

Let me know what your weekend writing routine looks like and how do you stay motivated to write on the weekend. Don’t forget Ruthless Queen is avaliable for pre-order on Amazon.