Preparing For Camp NaNoWriMo


It’s official I have joined Camp NaNoWriMo, while Ruthless Queen is with my editor and beta readers I am using the month of July to work on my second novel. For those who don’t know what Camp NaNoWriMo is, it’s a online network for writers that challenges them to write 50,000 words in 30 days. You don’t have to make your goal 50,000 I personally made mine 30,000 words but 50,000 is usually the standard. In addition to that you can also join “camps” which is a forum of about twenty or so people that help encourage you and be a resource during the month. Camp starts in one week and in order to focus solely on the writing aspect I am using this week to plan my novel. Ruthless Queen took me a long time to write the first draft and I believe this was because of the lack of planning. I found myself planning as I write, which is a good strategy for some people but I found that it took away from the time I could of spent actually writing. So this time around I am planning as much as I can before letting the words flow on to paper.

Character Building

This is a huge part of any writing project but I am spending the next week really building up my character profile’s and finding out who my character’s are what their strengths and weakness are, their goals, hobbies, etc. I believe this should only take me a day or two depending how in-depth I want to get with some of my side characters.

“World” building

Where is this story taking place? What are the people like? How does my character fit into all this? Before starting camp NaNoWriMo I want to have a good idea of the world my character is stepping into. This is a YA novel so I really need some time to get into the mindset of a teenager in today’s world. This is a crucial part of the planning process and something I want to have ready to go before I start writing.

Create My Routine

I think this is huge for me, like most self-published authors I have a full time job and a full time life. So when am I going to find time to sit down everyday and pump out all these words? Knowing I am a morning writer its going to have to be before I go to work, so hello to the 5am club! During the home stretch of the first draft and edits of Ruthless Queen I was waking up at 5am to write and it helped me finish so much earlier then I anticipated. These early mornings are going to be hard at the beginning but luckily I am fortunate enough to have some flexibility at my full-time job so if need be, I can spend a bit of extra time writing in the morning and go into work a bit later.

In conclusion, I am not a big planner when it comes to writing I think planning too many details takes away from some of the excitement but I am planning enough in this week to get me a good solid foundation for my book without going over-board. It is still a mystery to how my novel will end up and the detail of what is going to happen but this way I can focus on the words and not the technical aspects. If you are thinking about joining Camp NaNoWriMo or already have please feel free to connect with me on twitter I would love to share encouraging messages with you guys and provide motivation!


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